Dzogchen Retreat 2013

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We are happy to invite you to the Dzogchen Retreat that will take place in Merigar East during the period of 16th – 23d of August 2013

This remarkable event will be dedicated to the Dzogchen Teaching 'Man-ngag Tag-drol Tantra', a precious Terma Teaching of Rigdzin Changchub Dorje.
During the retreat Rinpoche will explain the Teaching in a form of lectures for 2 hours daily, starting in the evening of the 16th, then every day in the morning till the 23d.

In the program of the retreat there are explanations of general practices applied according to the Dzogchen tradition, learning the Dance of three Vajras one of the Vajra Dances and Yantra Yoga for beginners with authorized instructors.

Since 2007 Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche every summer comes to Merigar East to introduce everybody who is interested to the Knowlege of Dzogchen. You are very welcome to participate in this event.

There is a special offer for those who apply preregistration till the 1'st of August 2013.

The preregistration will be valid and preregistration discount will be applied only together with the donation payment. Afterwards there will be possibility to make a donation for the retreat on the spot.

For preregistration use please this page.

For making the donation for preregistration please, access this page. 

We don’t apply any discount for the preregistration if people want to pay not the whole price but only for several days.


How to get Merigar East


Karma Yoga during the retreat


Recommended donations for the Dzogchen Retreat

For people who come for the first time to the retreat Merigar East offers free reduced membership for one year and 50% discount for the retreat! 

Membership TypeTill August 1, 2013 (Eur)After August 1, 2013 (Eur)
First Retreat120140
Non members240280

Each and every person geniunely interested in participating in the summer retreat with CHNNR in August 2013 in Merigar East will be able to do so. For genuinely interested people, financial limitations are in no way a sufficient reason to be absent from this precious ocassion. Genuinely interested people that lack the 120 euros needed to pay the reduced retreat fee and need to have an individually-tailored solution, please contact Yael Rotbard at yellow[at]dzogchen.ro and a personal solution will be devised for each individual in accordance with each individual's circumstance.