Discovering One's Real Nature with the Practices of Rushen and Semdzin

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Merigar East is happy to invite you all to the New Year's Retreat - Dec 27th, 2011 - Jan 2nd, 2012

Discovering One's Real Nature with the Practices of Rushen and Semdzin and Training in Purification of the Six Lokas

With Alexander Pubants, Santi Maha Sangha instructor.


During this retreat we will get the instructions on Rushen and Semdzin practices. The emphasis will be on The Practice of Purification of the Six Lokas since the end of the year is a good time to do the purification practices. We will also follow Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche’s teachings from Tashigar Norte on live webcast, and of course, celebrate the New Year!

The aim of the practice of Rushen is to distinguish or separate our ordinary mind from the Nature of Mind. Teachings on Rushen and Semdzin practices belong to Upadesha series of Dzogchen and are considered to be fundamental as a base or starting point. The Semdzins are highly effective both as a method for distinguishing the pure presence of rigpa from the dualistic mind and for removing the doubts that arise from our experience in practice.

The Purification of the Six Lokas is the practice of Inner Rushen and is considered to be a very effective method in cutting off the primary karmic causes which prevent us from finding ourselves in the state of Presence.


Merigar East is offering this retreat for 70 Euro (10 Eur per day) fee so there will be no usual discount.
Register please before 19th of December so that we know if there are enough people coming. Please register and feel free to ask any questions.  We can also help you with arranging the accommodation. Looking forward seeing you at Merigar East!