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Gakyil - Questions and Answers

If you are interested in helping out, and looking for more info, we hope that you can find it here. If you have questions to which answers are not included here, please send an email to: office(at)dzogchen.ro

1. Mission:

Gakyil is realising Rinpoche's and Yeshi's vision in regards to the Gar.

2. The goals:

- Continue with construction works on the land (such as Stupas, Vajra Dance mandalas) according to the vision of Yeshi Namkhai;

- Run the local office and supervise the membership tasks;

- Plan and organize events promoting the aims of the International Dzogchen Community in Romania;

- Keep close contact and collaborate with the Gakyil of Merigar West.

3. Responsibilities of the Red, Yellow, and Blue

Blue Gakyil:

- Preparing and organizing all related activities linked to the spreading of the teachings, retreats and collective practices in Merigar East and Romania;

- Preparing and supervising all related materials linked to PR activities in the Gar and Romania;

- Collaborating with Shang Shung Institute;

Yellow Gakyil:

- Performing the financial and legal administration of Merigar East including the membership affairs;

- Running the office of Merigar East;

Red Gakyil:

- Supervise the development process of the Gar, as well as maintain it;

- Organizing karma yoga and work exchange activities;

4. Time spend and meetings:

We meet on Skype, once in two weeks. More often if needed. Once in two/three months we travel to ME and meet there in person. The travel expenses are reimbursed for those who can’t pay for their tickets. Depending on the task that needs to be done, we spend time on it accordingly.

5. Expectations:

Working knowledge of English language, computer literate. Preferably  member of the community for three years.

6. Benefit

Priceless possibility to experience, and work directly within the transmission.