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Transform the solar energy for Merigar East

The sun radiates light and heat, which makes it possible for life to exist on earth. Every day the light of the Sun shines on the Earth, driving many chemical and physical changes across the planet. But what would life be without water?

After years of struggling with power fluctuations in the Gar, we’re turning to our natural ally – the mighty Black Sea Sun – for help. There’s abundant solar power available during our busy summer season, just when we need it most, and you can help us put it to good use.

Support Merigar East, where the 5 elements manifest themselves more strongly,  in transforming the energy of the powerful Black Sea sun! We are taking our first steps in introducing this source of energy in our Gar, that should help us stabilize the water well pump.

We have invested in 2022 around 1500 Euro in diagnosing and repairing some problems in our gar’s electrical grid. With this we made the Gar safer, but the bitter discovery was that the energy fluctuations we are experiencing are mainly due to the cable connecting us to the electricity distribution network, which would be too expensive to repair. One immediate solution we could afford, with your help, is a modest, additional power supply that can at least prevent water from being interrupted during these fluctuations.

We are getting a small setup of 3kw photovoltaic panels with a battery, to feed and stabilize the main well pump and the camping area. We need to gather 5000 Euro in order to achieve this project. Our guests ’ well-being (and you can be among them) depends on it!

Support us by donating below! With your contribution, we will transform money into light, light into water, water into life

We welcome you to come and experience the openness that this unique place offers in abundance!