Merigar East

Merigar East Gonpa

One of the youngest gars of Dzogchen Community is Merigar East in Romania, at the Black Sea Cost, near the village 23 August, situated on the road from Constanta to Mangalia.

"Here is just sky and earth" said Chögyal Namkhai Norbu when he saw the place for the first time on the occasion of the summer retreat in 2007, when almost 500 paricipants from all over the world came to Merigar East. Since then each year we have been organizing here big summer retreats with Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.

Merigar East lies on a piece of land of cca 4,5 ha, where according to the vision of Yeshi Namkhai - son of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu - an octagonal Gonpa, with three mandalas, two stupas in classical style, garden and roads – all together in the shape of the Longsal symbol - will be built. It is a very special place between the fields of sunflowers, where you can wake up with sun rising above the sea and in the evenings you can witness beautifull sunsets. Fisherman beach with beautifull cliff it is just 10 minute away by foot from the Gar. The beach is sandy with a lot of colourful shells everywhere. On the second beach which is about 15 minutes away by foot from the Gar you can find some restaurants with delicious foods, prepared mostly from the fresh seafish.

The feeling of Space in the Gar is overwhelming and has strong effect of feeling completely free almost on every visitor. In Merigar East everyone is welcomed to help, to participate and to express itself on many levels of collaboration.

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