Dzogchen Community Membership

Purpose of membership

The International Dzogchen Community (IDC) is a non profit-making association, based on the principles of the Dzogchen Teaching. Its fundamental aim is the study, the deepening and the disclosure of this Teaching through the efforts and commitment of the participants. The principal activity is for members.

The income used to support activities and the structure of the IDC is derived from membership fees, the fees for attending courses and retreats, and donations to specific projects.

Becoming a member - Welcome Card

As of January 2015 the Welcome Card (3 years period) becomes mandatory. For all of you interested in becoming  a part of the International Dzogchen Community (IDC), there’s a possibility to do so through our Welcome Card. The Welcome Card allows prospective members to become more familiar with the Teaching and the Community, granting you time for a greater understanding to arise before taking on the commitment and responsibility of full membership.

With the Welcome Card, you can participate in the life of the community in the same way as full members, with the only exception that Welcome Card holders do not have voting rights. The Welcome Card should be renewed annually for three consecutive years, after which full legal membership can be granted.

Merigar East implements the Welcome Card system since the beginning of 2014. The starting point is the situation in 2013: those who were Merigar East members in 2013 are eligible to continue with full membership; others should apply for a Welcome Card (even if they were members in 2012 or earlier).

Categories of Membership and Welcome Card

As of 2018 - according to new IDC guidelines – we introduce the following membership system with the following benefits:

- Ordinary (€85) - no benefits;
- Global Sustaining (€500) - 50% off for courses, two weeks free of charge use of personal retreat cabins all over the world;
- Global Meritorious (€1500) - 80% off for courses, 50 days free of charge use of personal retreat cabins all over the world.

Apply for Welcome Card

Continuing with full membership

To renew your membership, please pay the membership fee either to your local Ling or to the Gar.

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