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What is Gakyl

The Community has a non-bureaucratic organization based on organisms with elected representatives, called Gakyils, who take care of the management of the various Gars and Lings.

Gakyil (lit. 'mandala of joy') is a body made up of three distinct sections with the colors yellow, red and blue, which, according to an ancient Buddhist model, correspond to the three aspects of the individual (body, energy and mind).

The Yellow Gakyil (connected to the dimension of the body) takes care of economic management, the Red Gakyil (connected to the energy dimension) of the activities and projects that concern the maintenance and development of the center, the Blue Gakyil (connected to the dimension of the mind) cares for cultural activities and those related to practice. The Gakyil is a collective body, without any hierarchy, and decisions are taken by common agreement of all members. Gakyil members can be from three to nine and are elected every three years.


Merigar East Gakyl Members and they contacts


Blue Gakyil

Erika Motylova
Veronica Mihai

Red Gakyil

Piotr Marcik
Marcin Piniak

Yellow Gakyil

Magdalena Ourecka
Kvetoslava Svedova
Harri jäälinojaa (assistant)


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