Gars - Dzogchen Community Centers

The various centers of the Community called Gars are considered places where people can come close to, share and apply the practice of awareness, places where it is possible to collaborate with others with a view to common spiritual enrichment, friendship and harmony.

There are a number of Gars on each continent of the world.

  1. Dzamling Gar - Tenerife, Spain - Global centre for the International Dzogchen Community
  2. Merigar East - Romania
  3. Merigar West - Italy
  4. Kunsangar North - Russia
  5. Kunsangar South - Crimea
  6. Namgyalgar - Australia
  7. Tashigar North - Venezuela, Margarita Island
  8. Tashigar South - Argentina
  9. Tsegyelgar East - USA, Massachusets
  10. Tsegyelgar West - Mexico
  11. Samtengar - China

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