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About the campaign

Stupa is the oldest Buddhist monument. Originally stupas were built to enshrine the relics of the Buddha and his most important disciples. As symbolic representation of the enlightened mind of the Buddha, they are of great significance and importance. 

Building a stupa is considered extremely beneficial, leaving very positive karmic imprints in the minds of those, involved in building. 

Future benefits from this action will result in fortunate rebirths. Fortunate worldly benefits will be the result, such as being born into a rich family, having a beautiful body, a nice voice, and being attractive and bringing joy to others and having a long and happy life, in which one's wishes are fulfilled quickly.

According to the Merigar East project inspired by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu and Khyentse Yeshi Namkhai, two stupas should be built inside the Longsal sign. 

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, one stupa is already built and another one is under construction and we hope to complete it in the next summer.

left stupa constructionConstruction works

The contruction of the stupas in Merigar East started already in 2012. The first one (on the right side of longsal path) is almost finished and filled. The second stupa is still in halfconstructed shape it is calling for finishing otherwise it could start falling apart. This year (July 2019)should be finished the body construction and at the same time the building preparation for filling. The final closing construction works will take place next year after the filling is done. For finishing the construction we need around 22 000 Euro to cover all the works, material, transport, accomodation of workers…


Mantras, tsa-tsa and other…

For filling the stupa we need collect mantra rolls, tsa-tsa, huge amount of sang and precious objects… the works already started.

For mantras: we need finances for printing and karmayogis for rolling… and support of collecting/transporting all the material to be ready in Merigar East.

For Tsa-tsa: finances for buying good quality clay and colours, karmayogis for preparation, transport or work in ME… (July 2019 will be tsa-tsa and mantra rolling karmayoga gathering in ME)

Relics, texts, precious objects: traditionally stupa is also filled with precious stones, ritual objects, texts…

Sang: for filling the space around all the objects inside the stupa

Estimated budget for all the finishing material, transport, works (besides construction works): 11 000 Euro.

Collected donations for the second stupa (10th June 2019): 7 274 Euro.

Stupa finishing is part of many other aspects of keeping the gar prosperous and alive. The works are not perceived only as a „hard work to be done“, but more as a possibility to meet together, do something meaningful, practice, talk, enjoy and share everyday aspects of life and keep goinging discovering our real nature under the lighthouse of Rinpoche.

Let´s enjoy our beautiful Community places, keep them alive! See you in Merigar East or elsewhere!

We are thankful for any support in any way, all good wishes, material or financial donations.

May all be auspicious!

Merigar East Gakyil

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