Opening the Heart to Nature Workshop

We are inviting you to an encounter with nature, using a method that surprises and fascinates. It is called “nature constellations” and allows for direct participation in nature phenomena. By standing as representatives, the participants experience the nature of animals, plants and landscapes. They are experimenting the interdependence between different lifeforms and human beings and recognize the factors that stimulate or block these connections.

The starting point for nature constellations is the questions that participants address to the present moment, to animals, plants, landscapes and places. The effect manifests threefold:

- All participants have many experiences, many times very touching, be they representing an ancient linden tree, a bird in a flock or a herbalist who is very connected with her healing plants.

- From these experiences manifest perceptions and insights. Part of these appear completely spontaneously. For example, from the representation of a linden tree we can recognize that this matter-of-course being in a landscape and being a part of it is also something we can experience as human beings – and that is already an important insight! Many times, however, only later will more perceptions reveal themselves, especially as far as the interdependence connections from the represented systems are concerned.

- From these insights, hints and solving approaches show themselves. As for the above-mentioned mutual connection - between human and tree – we can discover which antennas we need to stimulate in order to live in a way that is more aware of and more connected with nature.

When the weather allows it, we work outdoors – during a walk, nature constellations and the vision quest are connected in such a way that spontaneous dialogue with nature becomes possible.
All those interested are welcome. It is important only to be ready to become aware of what is revealing itself every moment inside and outside.

More info about nature constellations:

Berchthold Wasser: forestry engineer, landscape supervisor, father, storyteller, starting with 2000 he has been developing and practicing systemic constellations which include the whole environment

Babs Matter: lifeartist, mother, animal communicator, trained in various massage and healing techniques, shamanism, nature constellator

Ueli Reinmann: guitar virtuoso, geographer, manual worker, creativity explorer, nature constellations, travels through Latin America

Donation for the workshop: 150 Euro, including accommodation and food in Merigar.

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Event Properties

Event Date 18-06-2020
Event End Date 21-06-2020
Cut off date 21-06-2020
Donation 150.00€
Location Merigar East

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