Support the Gönpa Renovation!

The Gönpa [in Tibetan place for meditation] is the jewel of Merigar East. It is built around an octogonal design, has a monumental diamond-shaped roof and is decorated with traditional Buddhist motives. It was designed as a sacred place where people interested in Dzogchen and Tibetan Buddhism could practice to evolve from a spiritual point of view. For 10 years it has hosted hundreds of practitioners and many events.

Its intricate decorative and symbolic murals, created by volunteers under the guidance of tibetan art expert, Migmar Tsering, are now in urgen need of renovation. The building is permanently exposed to severe weather conditions. We need your help to repair and repaint the walls and restore the murals!

Merigar East Oasis

We would like to invite you to support the unique landscaping project which is being realized on the Merigar East grounds. The  main purpose of the project is to create a beautiful, peaceful and fruitful oasis in the midst of agriculture area, a place where you can come and find your own space to practice, relax, meet with friends, spend your holidays, dance on the mandalas but also read a book in the shadow of a huge tree, take a nap in the hammocks in the place absent from wind, take a walk in the orchard full of trees inviting you to taste their fruits, cook a dish using the vegetables and herbs from the gardens or any other relaxing activity inspired by regenerated landscape of Merigar East.

Merigar East Lungtas

Donate for the long-term Lungta Project of Merigar East and get your own lungta set(s) for the prosperity of yours or anyone else you wish!

The Lungtas here are handmade by practitioners while purifying the elements. You can sponsor flags to be hanged with your name, order flags to your home or participate in the production process. 

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