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Merigar East Stupas

Stupa is the oldest Buddhist monument. Originally stupas were built to enshrine the relics of the Buddha and his most important disciples. As symbolic representation of the enlightened mind of the Buddha, they are of great significance and importance. 

Building a stupa is considered extremely beneficial, leaving very positive karmic imprints in the minds of those, involved in building. 

Future benefits from this action will result in fortunate rebirths.

Camping Extension

We welcome your support for extending the camping capacity in ME, currently limited by the number of toilets, showers and kitchen size - and lack of shading areas.

Merigar East is a place of enjoyment and freedom, with plenty of space for personal and collective practices and very easy access to the wild beach of the Black Sea. By increasing the camping capacity, we support all the Vajra sisters and brothers who are looking for an affordable retreat close to nature – making it easy for everybody to come, enjoy and practice together.

Merigar East Lungtas

Donate for the long-term Lungta Project of Merigar East and get your own lungta set(s) for the prosperity of yours or anyone else you wish! Your lungtas will be hung directly in the Gar which is the perfect place where all the elements manifest in a strong way - specially the element of air, very suitable for lungta hanging!

Lungta means "Wind Horse", and refers to the protective force of the individual. In ancient times in Tibet it was symbolised by a horse surmounted by a wish-fulfilling jewel.

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