Merigar East Lungtas

Merigar East Lungtas


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me lungtasIf you wish to make the lungtas for you or for anyone else please fill the short registration form on the link below. The recommended donation for one piece of lungta is 1 Euro. The minimum set is 5 lungtas.

Lungta means "Wind Horse", and refers to the protective force of the individual. In ancient times in Tibet it was symbolised by a horse surmounted by a wish-fulfilling jewel.

This vital force is linked to fulfilling wishes and bringing about good fortune, benefits and prosperity.

If the fundamental vital force is perfect, everything will go well!

Lung means air, which is linked to prana, our vital energy. So when we say "Wind Horse", by wind (or air) we mean our prana. This symbol is represented in the prayer flags which are also called lungta.

Traditionally at the centre of the flag is the horse, and in the four corners there are the figures of the tiger, the lion, the eagle and the dragon.These four animals represent the elements according to an ancient system.

The Eagle (Garuda) represents the fire element, the Dragon is for water element, the Lion is the symbol of the earth element and the tiger represents the element of air.

On the prayer flags there are also many mantras to reinforce and help energy and to develop the vital force.

When one does the rite of the lungta, authenticates with the mantra and then hangs up the flags somewhere, this can strengthen the person´s vital force.

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