Acasă Merigar Est Put your brick in Dzamling Gar

Put your brick in Dzamling Gar

Merigar House


Supporting the construction works in Merigar House

“Let’s Unite Our Strength and Capacity.
Dzogchen Communities, Unite all your Strength and Capacity”.
(from Dzamling Gar Song by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu)

Dear Vajra sisters and brothers,

Dzamling Gar is the manifestation of Rinpoche's vision for a global gathering place where all the members of the International Dzogchen Community can come, collaborate and enjoy together. In this sense, Merigar East and West have their own house where members of the respective Gar have booking priority and can stay for up to one month.
The Merigar House is directly administered by the ME and MW Gakyils and is a home for those from Merigar East and West who visit Dzamling Gar.

The Merigar House is also a cultural oasis where all the countries can be represented, serving as a bridge for Vajra brothers and sisters coming from other parts of the world. Now Merigar East has two places - one in Romania near the Black Sea and another in Dzamling Gar near the ocean.

The collaboration aspect is of a great importance and we invite all of you to collaborate and contribute in any way possible.

We still have to pay 70,000 Euros for the construction cost of the Merigar House, the cost of the kitchen equipment and also the future painting of the walls.

How can YOU contribute to this beneficial project? 

You can send us your donation by using the PayPal button bellow! We are very grateful and truly happy for any contributions, big and small, which you might be considering to make! 

If you want to donate bigger amount of money but you are not able to send it at one go it´s possible to use PayPal button repeatedly!

For making your donation you can also use the bank transfer to our bank account

For further information and photo gallery of the house please visit the page about the house here