Summer Personal Retreats

Have you considered how much progress you would make in your practice if you dedicated time to a personal retreat?

Here at Merigar East we will have a quiet summer, because the Gonpa renovation phase 2 – Painting the ceiling has been postponed to next year.
You can come here and do your personal retreat in a silent place, close to the seaside, but most importantly, in a place that has been especially created and empowered by practice.
We offer the facility of a silent and alone retreat, in out wooden caravan, situated in the back of the gar. Our caretakers can provide you with what you need so that you do not distract yourself during your retreat and they can make sure no-one is disturbing you.
You can also have a retreat while living in our house with other people, if you do not need to be completely alone.

If you wish to retreat, please write to us, telling us:
– The period
– The practice you want to carry out
– Your daily schedule preferences
– The services you would need to be supported in your retreat (e.g. food, shopping, being completely alone, transportation to/from village).

Our prices depend on the services you need but we make sure that we are very accessible to people who want to practice and especially to IDC members. Sustaining and meritorious members are granted all the discounts foreseen by the IDC agreements!

Looking forward to support you in your personal practice!