Welcome Card Registration

If you want to participate in the activities of the International Dzogchen Community (and eventually become a member), please register in the International Database.

Register to International Database

To renew your membership, please make a donation (corresponding to your membership type) to your Ling or to the Gar.

Tutorial for registering to International Database (click here to download the tutorial in pdf format)

Open dzogchen.net and click Sign In - Register.

Select easy and short User name, put your personal email account , password and click Register.

Go to your email and click the link.

Fill the basic data and click Save.

You are now in your personal profile.

If the system can’t find you, no worries, click and we will try to locate your payment history or contact your Gakyil Scroll down, fill your country and click Save.

Under YourName – Membership see your Membership history if you have it.

If the system hasn’t found your history you will see Gars, Lings and their prices depending on your country.

If you see your preferred community and they accept Paypal, you can pay with Paypal. Or you can pay locally and Membership Coordinator will register your payment.

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