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Ganapuja accumulation for Merigar East

27-11-2021 06:00 →   01-07-2022 19:00
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Ganapuja accumulation for Merigar East

Let's unite our strength and capacities to support Merigar East through collective practice. As you´re well aware, it´s rather difficult to travel and meet these days, but that doesn´t mean we´re not here for each other or that there´s nothing to do.

Over the next couple of months, gather merit and support favourable circumstances through the accumulation of the Ganapuja of Jigme Lingpa. Practitioners can practice at home for supporting Merigar East and fill in in the number of repetitions completed.


Yantra Yoga For Instructors

24-06-2022 10:00 →   03-07-2022 17:00
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Yantra Yoga For Instructors

Yantra Yoga for instructors is an occasion to share, deepen and correct the practice, with the principal instructors Laura Evangelisti and Fabio Andrico.

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