Open Call for Eastern European Sangha artists

Merigar East announces the opportunity of an artistic project based on sponsorship. So, you can either share your creative idea to the community or support it by donating.

We are selecting proposals from our Eastern European Sangha of an artistic installation/workshop or performance. It would be representing our gar for the 10 years of Dzamling Gar Festival (December 3rd).  

We invite all performers, musicians, artists in any field to participate in this important celebration in our community, an opportunity to present their work to the public.

The members of Merigar East and its Lings, we invite you to get involved!

The project can be any form of interactive art/performance, connected to Merigar East’s story, natural environment, to the places’ energy, to its projects and activities. Moreover, it can be related to an episode you remember fondly that took place here. Over the years, hundreds of people visited ME during retreats with our Master. Everyone was cheerful and relaxed in this place during the transmission of teachings.

The artist will display the piece/installation/performance at the 10 Years Dzamling Gar celebration in the house shared between Merigar East and West (terrace or garden). Imagine an interactive, intercultural experience that people can admire in the making, get involved in, be attracted to see.

Merigar East and its Lings members, we encourage you to apply!

The fund will cover for the travel, the cost of the material for the piece/workshop and the accommodation in Dzamling Gar, related to the event. Moreover, we offer an optional one-week residency in Merigar East, on the spot, in October. Depending on the donations and on the proposals, we are hoping to fully cover the cost of the artistic work. We can build together a definite budget in one month.

We are open to your creative ideas! Apply by the 15th of October by writing a one-page proposal, describing your idea, comprising your short bio and a budget draft.

Or support this long-term project by donating.

Merigar East is looking for help

Volunteering and Karma Yoga are a wonderful source of understanding our condition and gaining merit. We are looking for enthusiastic, motivated, self-driven people to join our team.

We wish to become at least as many as in the picture above taken with Rinpoche in 2008. Remember the times when YOU helped setting up the gar from scratch and organize retreats? You can use your experience, enthusiasm and knowledge again.

We want you to participate if you:

  • are creative, have experience with original and constant social media feeding, inspiring writing and advertising in the right channels to work as a social media manager;
  • are an economist, a clerk or accountant and you wish to give a hand to work as yellow gakyil or assistant;
  • have wonderful organising skills and have experience in planning educational activities to work as blue gakyil or project manager for a retreat/event.

We offer fruitful collaboration, support, full hearts and very good intentions. You can also benefit from free holidays and retreats at the seaside in our beautiful Merigar East. You can put your qualities at the service of the teachings and learn to deal with your limitations in a respectful group.