Event Category: <span>Tibetan Art and Culture</span>

Gonpa Renovation 2023: painting the ceiling

It’s high season for the Black Sea cost and holiday time for most of us. The second year of the Gonpa Renovation artistic camp will take place in Merigar East. It gathers volunteers and artists from Italy, Romania and Eastern Europe. As a volunteer, you will work on decorating the walls of our newly renovated Gönpa under the coordination of Migmar Tsering, expert in tibetan art and astrology.
From the program of the period:
– Painting, learning about Tibetan art
– Learning about Dzogchen
– Community life and kitchen
– Exchange with other young people and artists
We receive applications from artists and volunteers. Write to us, telling us about your skills, experience and motivation to participate!
If you volunteer for 6 hours a day, we offer you free accommodation and food!
More about the project here.


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