Yantra Yoga weekly practice

yantra yoga

Yantra Yoga weekly practice

Starts on: April 3, 2023
From 2023-03-05 to 2023-04-15, Monday every week
Time: 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Yantra Yoga is an ancient and traditional system of Yoga transmitted from Tibet from master to disciple, arrive din the West through prof. Namkhai Norbu, world-renowned Tibetan master.
We do not improvise, we do not invent anything! We follow the precise description of this system transcribed in the 8th century.
We talk about the body according to Tibetan medicine and about the Breathing, which is the key to settling our mind, developing clarity and presence.
The classes are online, but every participant receives guidance from the experienced instructor, Oana Marcu.
Participation is reserved to those that already know the basics of Yantra Yoga. If you are a beginner, you can participate in the first hour or join the Respira class.
Suggested donation 5 eur/session, free for IDC members. You can choose your donation upon registering on a sliding scale starting from 0.

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