Gonpa Renovation project

Gonpa Renovation Has Taken Off!

We have completed the exterior painting the Gönpa

A big group of artists volunteers started painting the Meditation building in Merigar East on Monday 25 July, with Migmar Tsering as a coordinator. 
Parts of the initial paintings, with Mantras, Buddhist symbols and floral decoration were reproduced. But as they continued, the pillars were decorated with new, colourful symbols, reminding of lilies and other flowers. Just looking at the building inspires joy and balances our elements.

The decorated ceiling, a surprising addition

As the third week of the works starts, a tall scaffolding was mounted and we started painting the ceiling! Our ceiling was never painted before and this work is even more then we expected. We are so grateful to Migmar and our volunteers and wish that many people will experience an opening of all their senses in this beautiful Gönpa!

Thank you so much for your support so far!

Your generosity and collaboration is immensely appreciated and it is bringing concrete result. 
We have managed to raise so far 40.680€. We are still missing some part, up to the 60.000€ goal.  
We still need your support! Donate here.