Lungta set (small)


We print, sew and empower Tibetan prayer flags for your good fortune. We send them to your home or hang them for you in our Buddhist center, for the Tibetan New Year.


The Tibetan prayer flags, called lungtas (or wind-horse) refer to the protective force for the individual, which is important for fulfilling wishes and bringing good fortune, benefits and prosperity.

  • 1 set comprises 5 cotton flags, of the colours of the elements (blue, green, red, white and yellow),
  • Hand-printed with ecological paint
  • Sewn together, with spare rope for hanging
  • One set is 1m long + spare rope
  • You can order multiple sets, sewn together on the same string or separately
  • You can order them for your home or we can hang them for you in Merigar East, doing the empowerment practices

For harmonizing your fortune and energy you should hang lungtas according to your age. The number of single flags should be higher or equal than your age, so you can choose the first multiple of 5 above your age. For example, if you are 38 you hang 40 flags (8 sets of 5). If you are 23 you hang 25 flags (5 sets).

The symbols

Why is this force symbolized by a horse adorned with jewels, rather than another animal? In ancient time, the horse represented impetus, speed. Moreover, the horse has always been an animal closely linked to human beings.

In the four corners are the figures of the tiger, the lion, ther eagle, and the dragon. These four animals appear on both Buddhist and Bönpo prayer flags and represent the elements according to an ancient system.

In both traditions, the eagle or garuda is a representation of the fire element and has importance especially in protection. The dragon is considered to be an acquatic animal. The lion is the symbol of the earth element and the tiger represents the air element.

The many mantras printed on the prayer flags have the purpose of reinforcing and supporting our energy and developing our lungta (vital force). One can use all sorts of mantras, but the principle mantra is always accompanied by a particular word in order to develop the lungta. (From  Namkhai Norbu – The Practice of Lungta)

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Hang in Merigar East, Send them to your home, Send them to your home without empowering them

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