Tibetan prayer flags with representation of wisdom Dakini Simhamukha. Read more below about how many flags you should order, according to your age.


This special Tagdrol is with the figure of Simhamukha, the lion-headed dakini, dispersing discursive thoughts. She is the centre, in a flaming dimension, surrounded by the respective mantra and by the seed syllable HUM, as we are used to practice it in the Tun and Ganapuja practice.
Available only for IDC members.

  • 1 set comprises 5 cotton flags, of the colours of the elements (blue, green, red, white and yellow)
  • Hand-printed with ecological paint
  • Sewn together, with spare rope for hanging
  • One set is 1,5 m long + spare rope
  • You can order multiple sets, sewn together on the same string or separately
  • You can order them for your home or we can hang them for you in Merigar East, doing the empowerment practices

For harmonizing your fortune and energy you should hang lungtas according to your age. The number of single flags should be higher or equal than your age, so you can choose the first multiple of 5 above your age. For example, if you are 38 you hang 40 flags (8 sets of 5). If you are 23 you hang 25 flags (5 sets).

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Hang in Merigar East, Send them to your home, Send them to your home without empowering them

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