Gonpa Renovation project

News on the Gonpa Renovation

Thanks to Migmar Tsering and Oliver Leick’s ceaseless encouragement and some exceptionally generous donors, we’ve passed the point of no return in Renovating our Gönpa.
The works auspiciously started on the anniversary of Buddhas birth, attainment of enlightenment, and Parinirvana. Under the coordination of our Geko, the workers have insulated the building’s walls from rising ground humidity and repaired the damage to the walls. Moreover, they have painted the outer part of the wooden ceiling and coated the façade with a new silicate plaster. In order to insulate the walls, we have cut them to insert plastic sheet. This should help to get rid of mould and salt stains. Meanwhile, the new, improved outer coat to resist the elements for many years to come.

The next phase will take part from 25th July to the 17th of August. This phase will consist of decorative paintings inside and outside, with Tibetan motifs, under the coordination of Migmar Tsering.

The previous murals were Tibetan letters, mantras and flower decorations.

We are looking for artists & volunteers!
We already have seven artists who have registered to decorate the Gönpa, and who wish to learn about Tibetan art from Migmar. If you are skilled in painting or willing to support the works by cooking, cleaning and practicing together, you are welcome! Apply by sending us an email and telling us about your motivation.
So, you can still help! We need to cover the costs for the travel and stay of the volunteers. Please donate!