Support artists from our Sangha

The Sangha is the community of practitioners. You have the opportunity to support it, by sponsoring artistic projects made by Eastern European Sangha’s members.

We are looking forward to constitute a fund that would ideally cover for the travel, the cost of the material, subsistence costs and work cost for artists developing projects related to our community and our practice. The fund will mainly support residencies in Merigar East and the travel costs for presenting the work. But with your generous help, we can also recognize the value of the artists’ work by also paying for their creative labour.

The concrete start will be an open call for an artistic workshop/performance/installation related to our Gar to be displayed at the festival for Dzamling Gar’s 10 years celebration, on the 3rd December 2023. Still, it is not something new to us, as the Gonpa Renovation project was working exactly in that direction.

The proposals will be carefully analysed and selected and the resulting artwork will be shown to the 200 people expected in presence at the Dzamling Gar celebration and following it, in an online event. Sponsors can participate in the selection and express their votes!

On the long term, this pilot project is looking to create a continuous creative circle between the gar, its artists and it sponsors. We imagine hosting numerous exhibition and artistic events, just like we did this summer, to tell the story of our gar, our community and our purpose.

We’re looking for donors! Your contribution will go fully and directly for the artists’ work, to sustain their creativity!

Please support creativity and your beloved Gar!