Gönpa Renovation 2022-2023

This campaign is dedicated to restoring our beautiful temple building – the Gönpa. The restauration is carried out in an intercultural learning process between artists and students, focused on Tibetan sacred arts.

The Building

The Gönpa newly built in 2012

In 2010 the Gönpa was built with its unique octagonal design and a monumental, wooden, diamond-shaped roof. Its colourful decoration, with traditional Buddhist motives – mainly floral  – and Tibetan characters and mantras, was completed in 2012 with the the help of many volunteers from all over Europe. 

Tibetan Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu visited it several times and gave many important teachings here, ensuring a continuity in the Dzogchen transmission and making it accessible to everyone. 

Built 12 years ago, the Gönpa is located close to the Black Sea and exposed to humidity and sometimes also strong winds. These conditions have left their marks and have taken their toll. The inner walls on the North East side show many cracks, the plaster is crumbling down and there are big humidity stains.

After completing the wall repairs, plastering and the external decorative paintings, the volunteers continued decorating ceiling, transforming the building into a unique piece of Tibetan art in Romania.

The ceiling was decorated and needs to be finished – fully painted with Tibetan letters and Buddhist symbols – in 2023.

You can support this project by visiting our centre (do contact us so you can get the best of it), by volunteering to paint (if you are skilled and you are able to work at height) and by donating and accumulating great merit!