Tibetan Prayer Flags (Lungta)

Donate for the long-term Lungta Project of Merigar East and get your own lungta set(s) for the prosperity of yours or anyone else you wish!

The Lungtas here are handmade by practitioners while purifying the elements. You can sponsor flags to be hanged in your name and to adorn the gar, order flags to your home or participate in the production process. 

This project is aimed at supporting the association and its projects. By ordering flags, you are making a donation to Merigar East. View our terms and conditions.

You can order the flags starting the month of December, to be hanged for Losar (Tibetan New Year) that will be on February 10.

Thanks to your support, we assigned and shipped all the flags for Losar 2024!

Join us in Merigar East for the 2024 Losar celebrations between February 8 and 11! Contact us to come to gar!


Thursday February 8
Karma Yoga in Gar
Fire Puja – burning last year’s lungta

Friday February 9
Purification of Six Lokas
Karma Yoga – preparations for Losar

Saturday February 10 – Losar Celebration
Morning Practices
Khaita dances – Celebrating together
Ganapuja practice with authentication of Lungta and Namkha 

Sunday February 11
Sang and Serkyem practice
Hanging the new lungta
Khaita dances 

They represent the protective force of the individual, which, in Tibet, was symbolised by a horse surmounted by a wish-fulfilling jewel. This vital force is linked to fulfilling wishes and bringing about good fortune, benefits and prosperity.

Traditionally at the centre of the flag is the horse, and in the four corners there are the figures of the tiger, the lion, the eagle and the dragon. These four animals represent the elements according to an ancient system.

During the winter months we carry out all the steps of producing Lungtas: starting from coloured cotton, we cut, print various models with serigraphy (screen printing) and sew them on strings, with the help of volunteers. We empower them through practice and hang them on the Losar day, the Tibetan New Year and in the following weeks.

The elements are manifesting very strongly here, contributing to the function of the prayer flags. The space is open, with a huge sky, the wind is strong, the sun burns in the hot summer days, the sea is close and the earth is full of red clay. 

The last week before Losar we will dedicate to sewing the lungtas, gathering last year’s Lungtas and preparing the poles for the new ones to be hanged.