Travelling to Merigar East

Many people have the impression that Merigar East is a remote place, difficult to reach. Well, we want to underline that, actually, it is especially well connected! You can arrive there even if you don’t have your own car and you are on a low budget!

Fly to Merigar East

If you travel by flight, you can may find good flights coming to Bucharest – Otopeni Airport, to Constanța airport or to Varna airport.

Flying to Bucharest-Otopeni

From there you have a direct connection by bus, to the village of 23 August, at all hours, even during the night. You can book and pay online here (price 35-40 eur one way). It takes 3:30 – 4 hours to get to the village from the airport. 

You can also arrive by train from Bucharest Otopeni Airport to Constanta (lower cost), although you have to change train once, in Bucharest Gara de Nord. The connections by train are quite frequent, almost every hour and they take around 3 hours. You can book and pay for your train here (price 15-20 eur one way). Once you arrive in Constanța, take a local bus to 23 August (direction Mangalia). You will find buses on the side of the train station (left, if you are facing the station), right after the parking. There is no timetable and no stop sign, but there are busses every 15 minutes, you have to trust it. The price is 2-3 eur.

Don’t be shy to ask for directions and don’t fall for the taxi sharks that will try to sell you an expensive trip in front of the station.

Flying to Constanța

Another option is Mihail Kogălniceanu Airport in Contanța, although there are limited connections. From the airport you can take public transportation or an official taxi company. More info here. You can also rent a car from the airport with bigger companies such as Europcar.

Once you arrive at the train station in Constanța, you can use the suggestions above, to get to Merigar East with public transportation.

Flying to Varna

Varna is in Bulgaria and is about 2h 30 mins from Merigar East. If you fly to Varna aiport you can travel to Mangalia (closer to us) or Constanța by bus. Check the buses on the national bus website. You can also rent a car from the airport with bigger companies such as Europcar.

Travelling by car

If you come by car, there is a highway from Bucharest to Constanța, then you follow directions for Mangalia until you reach the village 23 August. Our Gar is on the left, on the only road going to the sea from the village.

Traveling by bus

Most of the larger bus operators like Flixbus, do travel to Constanța or even to Mangalia (which is 15 mins from the gar). You can also check the Romanian bus schedule website here.

If you travel by public transportation, please contact the Secretary or the Geko in advance, because they need to pick you up from the village. They will be happy to do so, especially if you communicate well about any updates of your travel and schedule :). Looking forward to welcome you here!