Gönpa Renovation 2022-2024

2022 designates 12 years since the Gönpa was built. Due to its particular geographical position of being located close to the Black Sea and therefore exposed to humidity and sometimes also strong winds, that particular condition has left its marks and have taken their toll even on our best buildings.

A significant part of your donations will be dedicated to young artists who will learn by applying the secrets of Tibetan decorative arts. University students from Italy, passionate about sacred arts, will participate in a stage, to learn, paint, interact with our community and experience this type of work.

Merigar East OASIS

The project of Merigar East Oasis follows a vision to create a pleasant and cozy space in which you can practice, relax and work in harmony, practically based on the principles of permaculture – a global ethic method for designing integrated systems based on the idea of sustainable development.

In the following years we would like to continue with extending the protection ring, cultivating the land, distributing the biomass, taking care of the plants and enjoying the fruits of the collective practice.