The Place

Merigar East is located in the lovely countryside near the Black Sea in Romania and is a place where all the people interested in Tibetan Buddhism and Dzogchen can get to know these teachings and apply them collectively in a beautiful place.

It is also the perfect place for a personal retreat, and our personnel can help take care of you while you are practicing.

The retreats are hosted in our unique octagonal building, the Gonpa, decorated with Tibetan motives. A building with wonderful light, hosted numerous retreats of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and continues to be a place of practice and study.

We have three outdoor mandalas that are destined to the meditative Vajra Dance, two stupas in classical style (votive monuments); gardens and roads that together create the stunning spiritual shape of the Longsal, a symbol of the Teachings of Namkhai Norbu.

The stupas

A Chörten (mchod rten), stūpa in Sanskrit, is a three-dimensional symbolic representation of the Enlightened Mind of the Buddha. It often functions as a reliquary and serves as an object of devotion.


We are not a commercial or a touristic facility, so we offer accommodation only to the participants in our retreats and to volunteers working here.

The dorm

We are hosting practitioners and volunteers in the Multifun house, our “seaside villa” (we are at 10 min walk to the seaside). The house has all the facilities including a generous kitchen, a terrace, wifi, a library and an herbs garden.

The camping ground

We have a fully equipped and shaded camping ground with an outdoor kitchen and dining area (in the picture), bathrooms and showers with hot and cold water.

The wooden caravan

In a silent place in the back of the gar, we have a wooden caravan, especially suitable for solitary retreats.

Rinpoche’s house

The village is situated at 3 km from the centre. Here we can host you in a cosy house that belonged to our teacher’s family. It is equipped with a kitchen, courtyard, outside and inside dining areas, barbecue place, wifi.

We have 2 double rooms with private bathrooms and 1 single room with shared bathroom.