Merigar East OASIS

What is the OASIS?

  • linden trees
  • spices spoons herbs by Leticia Recepter

It is the dream of transforming a barren land in a lush and green area where meditation practitioners can enjoy colours, tastes and shade.

The dream of creating a land where life can thrive, where the soil can rest and the animals find security.

This lush land becomes a symbol of living in harmony with the nature, with respect and care for the environment and all forms of life.

How did it start?

The Oasis project was born from in invitation of Prof. Namkhai Norbu, who established Merigar East, to plant trees. While construction and retreat plans were intensely unfolding, back in 2009, this obvious and yet so necessary dream started to root.

The land looked like this back in 2009…

Permaculture specialist and Dzogchen practitioner Saviana Parodi Delfino prepared in 2009 a permaculture plan was born.

The land where Merigar East is situated, few hundreds of meters from the sea, was for decades intensively used for conventional agriculture. It produced wheat, rape and sunflower.

To turn this around, we applied permaculture, as a global ethic approach to land management and settlements that applies what is observed in flourishing natural ecosystems.

The Merigar East land is quite specific. The strong winds, the little rain and the compact soil make extraordinary conditions, challenging for the vegetation to grow.

What is the plan?

Volunteers digging the holes for the new nursery in 2021

We aim at:

  • planting a protection windbreak ring consisting of fast growing trees and bushes
  • support the existing trees by mulching, catching water and irrigating
  • soil regeneration by using local biomass
  • establishing the swale ditches to efficiently distribute the rain water on the land
  • offering the fruits of the orchard and medicinal herbs to our guests and sponsors
  • creating experiential paths for children and adults to connect to the trees, to learn about them and to cherish them

Although we have already done a little bit of all the action above, we need to continue to do them.

Here you can see the map of the already planted trees and bushes. We are updating it every year!

Trees take time to grow and their care is continuous!

What do we need?

The yearly budget for this project includes:

  • the cost of the trees and bushes
  • acquisition and transportation of animal manure and mulching materials
  • acquiring a more professional grass cutting machine or little tractor
  • extending and improving the irrigation lines
  • paying for helpers from the village
  • welcoming volunteers and offering them food and accommodation

Be part of this project! Adopt a tree, support it with a donation and/or come and plant it with your own hands!