Donate for the Oasis

You are donating for Merigar East Oasis, our ecological project.

Suggested price: 200,00 

Suggested price: 200,00 

You are donating for Merigar East Oasis, our ecological project for regenerating the land, planting trees and creating a permaculture island.

For diversifying our flora with herbs, aromatic plants and flowers which are attractive for the bees, please consider a donation for a plant or or a bush, starting at 20 eur.

For adopting a tree, please consider the maintenance cost for one year, including pruning, treatments, watering and nutrition. We suggest a donation of min. 100 eur.

For planting a new tree and supporting it in the first two years of growth in the nursery, with water, mulching and replanting it in the garden, please consider a yearly donation of 200 eur.

For cutting the grass in the whole gar, composting the hay, enriching the soil with matured compost and manure, consider donating 500 eur per year.

For landscaping, creating a pond (natural water reservoir), intervening on the inclination of the soil to better soak the water, for expanding the collection of rain water and the irrigation system, please consider donating 1000 eur per year.

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