Merigar East OASIS

Merigar East OASIS


In 2009 in collaboration with the Permaculture specialist and IDC member Saviana Parodi Delfino the Merigar East Permaculture plan was born and the Gakyil of that period started making changes according to it in the Merigar East landscape. Then later lost in time and space this great plan was forgotten and put aside to make space for other bigger and at that time seemingly more important projects. But now the time has come to reveal it again, draw it out from the dust of the Geko House attic and realize what was initially planned. The principal idea of the plan was to create a pleasant and cozy space in which you can practice, relax and work in harmony with the teachings of Rinpoche.

The project of Merigar East Oasis follows this plan which is based on the principles of permaculture or permanent agriculture which is the opposite of conventional agriculture. Permaculture in brief is a global ethic method for designing integrated systems based on the idea of sustainable development.

The Merigar East land is quite specific. Very strong winds, flat open space and seaside location are extraordinary conditions also very challenging for the vegetation to grow as we could observe in last years. Also the soil is very compact and clayish, for many plants and trees a condition that is hard to adapt.

In 2019-2020 we consulted international and local permaculture specialists to help us with realizing the base for the oasis. The principal thing proved to be planting a protection windbreak ring consisting of  fast growing trees and bushes. In autumn 2020, we already started the first part of planting and we managed to plant a few hundreds of them. At the same time we continue to support the existing trees by mulching, catching water and irrigating and the soil regeneration by using local biomass and establishing the swale ditches to efficiently distribute the rain water on the land. Apart from that the Gar already has a fruit orchard and a few small vegetable and herb gardens.

In the following years we would like to continue with extending the protection ring, cultivating the land, distributing the biomass, taking care of the plants and enjoying the fruits of the collective practice.

The budget for this project includes mainly the costs of the trees and bushes, transporting the material, gas for the garden tiller, the fee for the landscaping advisor, renting the excavator for helping us with digging in larger areas, irrigation lines, animal manure, sawdust, and then also some remuneration for the work exchange, food and accommodation for volunteers and Karma Yogis, etc.

We will be very pleased if you support this project by sending us a donation of any amount, and even more pleased if you come to enjoy and to help us make this project come true by contributing to Merigar East Oasis with your own hands!